How to prevent injury when moving furniture

Moving is a very tedious, stressful and risky job. It is risky in the sense that while moving, you can get injured. While professional movers would most likely know the proper things to do, you as an amateur would definitely not. For the amateur movers who would prefer to move their furniture from an old house to a new one, this article would guide you and help you prevent injuries from happening during moving. For people that stay in the Escondido area and would rather have professional movers do it for them, Quality Movers Escondido is well established and trusted moving company in the Inland area, whose services you can employ. Some of the basic safety moving tips you should keep in mind are:

  • Don’t carry more than you can handle: This is one of the root causes of injuries during moving. It is better to move things in bits and spend time while doing it than to try to hasten the process by carrying what you cannot handle and potentially exposing yourself to the risk of sustaining injuries. This puts unnecessary strain on the hands, back and legs. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.
  • Wrap your knives and other sharp objects properly: Sharp objects like knives, scissors, gardening tools should be properly wrapped and kept in safe places. You can keep the much smaller items in bubble wraps before putting them in a box. This would prevent them from harming you when you are packing and unpacking. Larger tools should be kept separately and handled with care. Don’t forget, sustaining an injury would only slow down the moving process so it is advisable to plan accordingly and take care of these things before starting.
  • Lift objects properly: During moving, you should always have the standard lifting protocol at the back of your mind. This involves keeping your spine aligned you’re your body during lifting. You should always keep this in mind. No matter how light a box is, when lifting, bend at your knees and not your waist. You should also make sure to keep the box close to your body; this helps to maintain balance.
  • Dress appropriately: As mundane and inconsequential this sounds, it is a very important point to note when moving. You should not wear clothes that are big or baggy, instead, opt for clothes that are fit, comfortable, breathable and appropriate for the weather. Trousers are preferable in this case as they would not catch on anything. Dressing appropriately also includes wearing comfortable footwear. Heels and flip-flops may make you unbalanced and uncoordinated so it is advisable to go for sneakers or boots.
  • Keep a first aid kit at hand: Accidents can still occur so it is best to keep a first aid kit handy for this eventuality. Treating a wound immediately can help reduce the possibility of an infection which may worsen the case.
  • Don’t be ashamed to ask for help: It is moving, not a weight lifting challenge. If you find that you are not able to move some things, you should ask for help around instead of trying to do it and putting yourself in danger.

These tips are sure to limit or prevent the possibility of sustaining injuries during the moving process.

Health benefits of having a clean home

There is no underestimating the importance of having a clean home. It goes deeper than just being neat. If your home is dirty or disorganized, it can have negative effects on your general well-being. Just in case you’re looking for that extra push to clean your house, here are some benefits of having a clean home.

  • It reduces allergies: Sweeping regularly keeps the house clean. It reduces the presence of dust and other allergens from the home. These allergens can cause cold and flu-like symptoms which would reduce the quality of health in the space. Dust can bring about an asthmatic attack. By keeping your house clean, you are reducing the number of micro-organisms that can trigger allergic reactions.

  • Protection against germs: When disinfectants are used to clean a place, it gets rid of the bacteria, virus and other micro-organisms that can affect the health status of the occupants of that space. When a home is thoroughly clean, it leaves little or no room for these harmful bacteria to hide. Cleaning also involves de-cluttering so if there are objects in your home that are no longer of use, you can get rid of them. This also helps to make cleaning easier.
  • It reduces risks of casualties: A clustered and disorganized home is always a prime site for minor or major accidents in a home. It is important to have an organizing system; this way everything is in the correct position, nothing is out of place and the risk of tripping or falling would be grossly reduced. Keeping toys and harmful objects out of the reach of little children are also important.

  • It reduces stress levels: It has been observed that visual clutter leads to mental clutter which means that when a place is disorganized, it has a negative effect on the stress level of the person living in the space. A 2010 study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin showed that women with dirtier homes have higher levels of cortisol than those with tidy houses. This means that your stress level is linked to how tidy your space is. Cleaning your home and keeping everything organized would reduce your stress levels.
  • It reduces pest attacks: When a living space is dirty and neglected, it is easier for pests and bugs to thrive there. The key to battling these pests effectively is maintaining a clean environment. When your home is clean and in order, the chances that bugs would be able to survive there would be slimmer. It is also necessary to empty the trash when it should be, to sweep and vacuum frequently and also carry out pest exterminations once in a while. Doing all of this helps to keep them at bay.

Having a clean space has much more health benefits than can be covered in this article. It is important to know however that a clean space can affect the occupant’s lifestyle in so many ways; from sleeping habits to eating habits and so on. This is why it is necessary to imbibe the habit or cleaning and keeping your house in order. In case you are too busy to properly clean your space, the services of local house cleaners can be employed. Click here to learn more about hiring professional services.

3 Tips for Healthy Lifestyle

There is not any simple and quick way to be healthy within the desired period of time. It definitely takes a lot of time effort, dedication and determination to become fit physically and mentally. You will put on weight if you drink or eat too much. The balance in a diet is very much important for a healthy living. If your body is getting all the nutrients (it requires), this means that you’re taking the right amount of calories. Here are three useful tips regarding this matter. Have a look at them.

More Fish than Chicken and Red Meat

Many minerals and vitamins and a good source of protein can be found in the fish. Take a single portion of the oily fish as well as the one meal of non-oily fish. You can get the assured help in prevention from the cardiac diseases through the oily fish which contain omega-3 fatty acids.

Non-oily fish are

1. Hake

2. Skate

3. Tuna

4. Cod

5. Coley

6. Place

7. Haddock

Oily fish are

1. Pilchards

2. Sardines

3. Herring

4. Trout

5. Mackerel

6. Salmon

Do Not Skip the Breakfast

Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day. If you know about the nutritional benefits of eating healthy food after waking up, you’ll definitely never skip it. But the story doesn’t end on taking mere breakfast without focusing on what is healthy and what’s not. You need to take cereal with the fat-free yogurt and some fruits in the breakfast. This bowl is full of all nutrients and a healthy choice to stay active the whole day. You can also go for some other healthy options to get some variety in morning meals.

1. Apple pie with pure honey

2. The salad of different seasonal fruits

3. Smoothies of the nuts, yogurt, and fruits (if you are not in a mood to eat something)

These are the recommended options to eat at breakfast. You can include and exclude any nutritional food as per the choice.

Hydrate Your Body with 6-8 Glasses of Water a Day

Lack of fluid (water) in the body can cause plenty of diseases that you couldn’t imagine ever. Go for the water more than any other sweetened, fizzy and sugary drinks. The fresh juices of fruits and vegetables can be taken but the amount of water must be 1 liter a day. This is an ideal amount of water that meets the whole requirements of fluid. The improper intake of water can cause joints pain, kidney diseases, and many other internal body problems.

No one likes to get sick due to any reason. But everything takes time and effort to be done in the best manner. Therefore, you should pay attention to these tips for a healthy lifestyle. It is true that health is wealth. Money can’t usually help us once we are diagnosed with any life-threatening diseases. So, it’s better to go for preventions rather than precautions if you love your life.

Amazing Hacks to Keep the Body in Shape

The only personal choices can help you to stay in shape for a long time. It can be easy for your body to slip out of shape before realizing with the constant distractions of work and family. Maintaining the fitness level through consistent exercise and dieting is not easier for everyone. It definitely requires a lot of determination and ample time with energy. Do you know that the few best habits are enough to get the body in shape? These hacks can guide you better to bring some changes in your daily routine.

  • Say No to the processed foods. This kind of food gives no nutrition to the body and has numerous side effects instead. You can easily get rid of empty calories which tend to increase the weight after eliminating the processed food from the diet. Things that are must to add in your daily meals are lean meats, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and brown rice. Try to avoid taking processed meats, refined sugar, and white flour as much as you can.
  • Give half an hour or at least 30 minutes to the brisk walk daily. The secret to enjoying weight loss, stress management, and cardiovascular health is to make walking a permanent part of your daily routine. The attractive places like parks are more recommended to choose when you go for a walk. You can adapt to any temperature by wearing comfortable clothes and sneakers.
  • Keep yourself more engaged to the physical activities throughout the day. But if you’ve got a sitting job for 8 to 10 hours, then try to spend the rest of the time more in engaging to physical tasks. It actually results in burning more fats from the body and to give a proper shape to the body.

The Tip

It can be simpler for you if you get a companion who follows the same fitness rules. When you have the support of people doing a similar thing, it will not be a challenging task to maintain a healthy lifestyle for you. In short, the motivation would allow you to be determined. The best way is, to begin with making some adaptations in your diet and not changes everything within a day. The gradual changes in routine and diet can make you able to make your lifestyle ideal.


If you’re suffering from any disease, then try to ignore following the shared fitness tricks. Consult with your doctor or practitioner before making any changes in the diet and exercises. For example, the heart patients are not allowed to lift the heavy things or more load.

This shows that you only need spirit and motivation to get a desired shape of the body. No one likes fat on any part of the body. Therefore, the less focus on sedentary lifestyle is the key to be healthier for longer. It doesn’t happen like a magic. One needs to put extra effort into getting fit and smart. That’s all which you should do.

It’s Time to Stop Making These Five Common Fitness Mistakes

You’re already aware of the fact that maintaining an exercise and fitness routine is a great way to improve your overall health and body wellness. It’s important to note that the road to a healthy lifestyle and a fit body isn’t a walk in the park. While it might seem tasking and quite challenging to maintain, it’s always worth it. It’s not uncommon for people to feel frustrated when their bodies stay the same despite the fact that they’re putting in their very best in working out. Well, the problem could not be in your efforts but rather a few mistakes in your individual lifestyle, diet, or even exercise. To ensure a successful fitness journey, be sure to avoid the following mistakes.

Vague Goal Setting

What are your fitness goals? What do you intend to get out of your fitness routine? That’s where you’ll get your motivation and direction. Simply saying you want to get strong or lose weight, or just get fit might not give you the right motivation to keep fit. You must determine whether or not whatever goal you have in mind is right for you.

Simple questions to ask yourself include; “what are my abilities?” “What are my commitment levels?” “How is my lifestyle?” These should be the questions to guide you in making Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-based (SMART) goals.

Going in Blindly

Understand that there are days when you won’t feel like doing anything. You’ll feel down, lazy and tired. The thought of working out and keeping your fitness routine won’t come easy every day. Knowing the “why” behind your fitness goals is what will keep you going. Why did you commit yourself to eating healthily in the first place? Why go to the gym? You, therefore, can’t afford starting your fitness program without clear goals and knowing the “why.”

Lack of Accountability

Now, you’ve set your goals clearly and everything is set. A common mistake people often make is failure to have someone they can be accountable to. As mentioned, this isn’t going to always be a walk in the park. But you have to maintain exercise your routine. If you skip a session tonight, you should be able to make up for it. Have a personal trainer for the first couple of weeks to help you stay accountable and reduce the chances of skipping your workout sessions.

Exercise over Diet

The idea that what you eat doesn’t matter as long as you do more exercise is a mistake. Some say food is food not realizing they are causing themselves serious problems. Food is important for your overall health and wellbeing. It also plays an important role when it comes to weight loss. It’s, therefore, crucial that you take a healthy, balanced diet as this is the most important factor in any exercise routine and fitness program.

The Program Hopper

Of course, you want to try everything which is still okay. Every other week it might seem as though there’s another fitness program that can help you achieve better results. The problem with this is that you won’t give yourself enough time to learn and master your exercise routine properly. It’s important that you stick to whichever fitness program you select rather than jump from one program to the other.