Health benefits of having a clean home

There is no underestimating the importance of having a clean home. It goes deeper than just being neat. If your home is dirty or disorganized, it can have negative effects on your general well-being. Just in case you’re looking for that extra push to clean your house, here are some benefits of having a clean home.

  • It reduces allergies: Sweeping regularly keeps the house clean. It reduces the presence of dust and other allergens from the home. These allergens can cause cold and flu-like symptoms which would reduce the quality of health in the space. Dust can bring about an asthmatic attack. By keeping your house clean, you are reducing the number of micro-organisms that can trigger allergic reactions.

  • Protection against germs: When disinfectants are used to clean a place, it gets rid of the bacteria, virus and other micro-organisms that can affect the health status of the occupants of that space. When a home is thoroughly clean, it leaves little or no room for these harmful bacteria to hide. Cleaning also involves de-cluttering so if there are objects in your home that are no longer of use, you can get rid of them. This also helps to make cleaning easier.
  • It reduces risks of casualties: A clustered and disorganized home is always a prime site for minor or major accidents in a home. It is important to have an organizing system; this way everything is in the correct position, nothing is out of place and the risk of tripping or falling would be grossly reduced. Keeping toys and harmful objects out of the reach of little children are also important.

  • It reduces stress levels: It has been observed that visual clutter leads to mental clutter which means that when a place is disorganized, it has a negative effect on the stress level of the person living in the space. A 2010 study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin showed that women with dirtier homes have higher levels of cortisol than those with tidy houses. This means that your stress level is linked to how tidy your space is. Cleaning your home and keeping everything organized would reduce your stress levels.
  • It reduces pest attacks: When a living space is dirty and neglected, it is easier for pests and bugs to thrive there. The key to battling these pests effectively is maintaining a clean environment. When your home is clean and in order, the chances that bugs would be able to survive there would be slimmer. It is also necessary to empty the trash when it should be, to sweep and vacuum frequently and also carry out pest exterminations once in a while. Doing all of this helps to keep them at bay.

Having a clean space has much more health benefits than can be covered in this article. It is important to know however that a clean space can affect the occupant’s lifestyle in so many ways; from sleeping habits to eating habits and so on. This is why it is necessary to imbibe the habit or cleaning and keeping your house in order. In case you are too busy to properly clean your space, the services of local house cleaners can be employed. Click here to learn more about hiring professional services.

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